Tuesday 27 April 2021

The Koolunga Bunyip


The Koolunga Bunyip


Koolunga is a small town in the mid-north. To Koolunga’s east sits White Cliffs reserve, it was here that in 1883 a Bunyip was allegedly witnessed.[1]
 Local Ngadjuri people believed that a Bunyah Bunyah dwelled in the billabong at White Cliffs. The Boughton River flows through this park, the same river attached to the Bunyip sightings at a billabong called Warra Warra, near Crystal Brook.[2]

 It was claimed that several witnesses saw the Bunyip in the billabong in 1883. A hunting party was formed, and rather than trying to trap the Bunyip, or shoot it, it was decided that dynamite would be used to blast the Bunyip out of its dark, watery home.[3]

 Rifles, pistols dynamite and soap were used to try and bring the Bunyip out of the depths of the billabong, all without success. 150 people assembled on the day of the dynamite explosion in hope of seeing the creature. The dynamite blew up deep within the billabong and brought to the surface debris, trees, and fish, but no Bunyip![4]


You can visit the White Cliffs Campsite for yourself. 

More details here:

Researched and written by Allen Tiller ©2020

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