Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Muzyk Murder

Muzyk Murder

A horrific case of mob mentality led to a brutal torture-murder of an 18 year old girl in Adelaide. The strength of the attack, not only viscous and merciless, shocked South Australia’s public, even more so when it was revealed that some of the attackers, were younger than their victim.
 It was December 1996 when a gang of six held down Tracy Muzyk.

 Her attackers:
Matthew Austin – aged 22
Ian McKenzie – aged 19
Tara Kehoe – aged 19
Lyle Bascombe – aged 17
Amanda Pemberton – aged 17

And another 17 year old teenager, whose identity was supressed.
 The group of killers claimed that Ms Muzyk owed $70 to Amanda Pemberton, a teenager Ms Muzyk had recently befriended. They began to beat and humiliate Ms Muzyk, holding her down, they put out cigarettes on her skin. They strangled her to near death, then beat her again, the sprayed her face with mace.
 Ms Muzyk was then forced to shower in scalding water before having her hair cut off.
 Next she was forced to walk out to a tree in a paddock, where she was tied to the tree and beaten severely again, before being strangled, then beaten with a large steal pole and bashed with a rock.
 Ms Muzyk’s badly beaten body would sit in the paddock near Westlakes High School, tied to the tree and covered with lawn clippings for another 4 days before being found by passers-by.

 Detectives working on the case didn’t take long to piece together what had happened and track down the aforementioned killers.
 They were eventually rounded up and put to trial, but, being 1996, their sentences seem a little light compared to notorious teenage killers today – the sentences given by Justice Kevin Duggan of the Adelaide Supreme Court were as follows:

Matthew Craig Austin – sentenced to life with a non-parole period of 22 years
Ian Bruce McKenzie – sentenced to life with a non-parole period of 22 years
Tara Maree Kehoe – sentenced to life with a non-parole period of 18 years
Amanda Pemberton – sentenced to life
Lyle Brankik Bascombe – sentenced to life.

Another offender was given a 15 month suspended sentence for her part in the attack.
In 2000 an appeal lead to Tara Kehoe's non-parole period being reduced to 15 1/2 years and Pemberton's minimum term to 14 years, causing outrage in the general public and from the family of Ms Muzyk

The Age, Melbourne Victoria, Friday May 29th, 1998

Editors note: In October 2016, 42 year old, Ms Tara Kehoe was found dead in Adelaide's South.


  1. Going by the dates,chances are they are all out of prison by now

  2. posted in march 2018 - Amanda Pemberton was deported back to New Zealand (39yo). Tara Kehoe was found deceased after a few weeks after being reported she was on some kind of Prisoner pre-release program.