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Christmas 1912

Merry Christmas


The Haunts of Adelaide

On this day one hundred years ago in 1912

The Advertiser
 Friday 27 December 1912, page 9
MR P Pearce a butcher with a shop on King William Street, on Christmas day travelled to Richmond to have Christmas dinner with his Mother.
His Mother-in-law remained in his home, on Selby Street in Adelaide City, and popped out at 5:30pm, returning about an hour half later, to find the house had been broken into.
The house was carefully turned over in that short space of time. Mr Pearce was contacted and returned home about 8pm to find that a cashbox holding about 46 pounds in silver and gold had been stolen.

An Ad circulating in the Advertiser just before Christmas 1912
The Advertiser , Wednesday 25 December 1912, page 10
What family Christmas would not be complete without an Edison Phonograph as pictured here in an advertisement in The Advertiser

 The Christmas Pageant was yet to be started, but the magic cave existed in 1912!

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