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Freemason Grand Lodge - Sinister by Design Part IV

Sinister by Design: Part 4

Grand Freemason Lodge – Adelaide

Most people are well aware of the long standing Freemason society that spans the western world.
 It is one of the longest running "secret" societies in the world, and has created a great deal of speculation over what it really does, purely by being so secretive over the past couple of centuries.

Today we are visiting another location designed by Adelaide’s own Freemason architect, John Queten Bruce.

Don't let the name of this blog series fool you, I am actually a very big fan of his work, and admire a lot of his designs, but to put it simply, there seems to be a connection of hauntings and mysteries surrounding the grand houses and buildings he designed.

Is there a link to his being a Freemason?

Did he knowingly add an element to his designs that would attract the supernatural to his buildings?

That's not something anyone but Mr Bruce and his associates will know for sure, but there does seem to be circumstantial evidence to  persist in looking further into his work and designs and a supernatural, or paranormal connection.

The Freemason Grand Lodge is another of Bruce's designs in partnership with W. H. Harral who worked as superintendent.

The land was first purchased in 1922 with the foundation stone, laid under with traditional Freemason ceremony, three years later.

In 1927, the lodge rooms on the third and fourth floor were dedicated.

It is a remarkable landmark on North Terrace with its four massive columns over the entrance way and the words “Audi Vide Tace”, Latin for “Hear, see, be silent, if you would live in peace” carved in a stone inscription above the door and a further inscription stating, “Erected and Dedicated to the Great Architect of the Universe AD 1925”

The Freemason's themselves run their own tour of the building every Thursday, which gives insights into the history, the symbolism and who some of Adelaide's most notable Freemason were as well as a ghost story or two!
There is also a small amount of memorabilia on display on the ground floor and a museum on the mezzanine level. 

You can hear, and see more of the Grand Lodge in Adelaide via this news story, where the ABC get an inside look into the building, and some insight in to goings on within.


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