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The Grinning Ghost of Mount Gambier: Ghosts of the South Coast Part IV

Ghosts of the South Coast
Part IV

The Grinning Ghost of Mount Gambier

1937, Mount Gambier, was bustling town, Adelaide's second biggest city, a tourist hotspot and plagued by a ghost!

Chronicle Thursday 24 June 1937, page 46
Endless reports over a few weeks were being filed with local police and countless of a ghost running amok on Mount Gambier s streets. Women were fainting at the sight of it, men were running away scared and the Police had very little to go, and no sightings themselves, could the ghost feel them coming and disappear?

The description of the ghost was that it was totally white, had glowing yellow eyes and a large grin.

A rumour also sprung up around town at one point of the ghost being captured and hidden away in the local Police cells, of course the police denied this.
Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW  1888 - 1954)
 Thursday 24 June 1937, page 5

Two men had an interesting encounter with the Mount Gambier ghost, walking past the local primary school at 2am one morning, one of the men felt someone tap hi on the shoulder, when he turned he saw the grinning ghost staring at him.
He, and his friend, panicked, and bolted down the road as fast as they could. They soon gained their wits and courage and returned to the primary school to investigate, where they saw the ghost, who also saw them, and leapt over the fence and bolted himself!
Town Hall - photo by Allen Tiller
The men, thinking to outsmart the ghost, ran around the outside of school to the front gates, where it seemed their ghostly attacker would be heading. They were in luck! As the ghost turned the corner to exit the school, one of the men made to grab him, the ghost startled, turned and ran back the way he had come!
The two men ran to the local police station and awoke the constable there to tell him of the ghostly sighting, of course it was now too late to capture him as he had fled the scene....or simply vanished.
The two men got a very good description of the ghost, which they said looked like a man wearing a woman’s dress over his head, tied off around his waist.

Another person, this time a woman, was found unconscious in Gray street later that week, when awoken and questioned she said the ghost had surprised her when it touched her on the shoulder, she had fainted and didn't know anymore.
Another police search ensued, but again, the ghost had vanished.

Things got a little more dangerous when a local minister reported that he had been awoken during the night in his house when the ghosts had been watching him through his window. He silently pulled out his gun, and shot towards the ghost, wounding it!

After this the ghost fled into the night, and never returned again!

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