Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Bridgewater Inn

The Bridgewater Inn, a beautiful location in the Adelaide Hills was once the home of a clientele that would be deemed “rough” by today’s standard. In it's early days the area was known for cattle rustlers, ex-convicts hiding their past and extortionists.
The pub as it stands now was built 1859 by Mr Addison, who moved the pub there from its original location at Cox creek, just up the road.
In 1859, Mr John Dunn built the Bridgewater Mill next door to the Inn and laid out the township that was to surround the mill.
It is said the Inn sits on one of the subsidiary Lay lines that runs through the Flinders Ranges, could this play a part in it's paranormal activity? It is said that a very irate man haunts the kitchen, causing chaos for staff and also a young lady who seems very distraught and upset about something, possibly the two ghosts are playing out a scene that happened in their lifetimes with each other.

There have also been numerous sightings of ghosts in the restaurant, which was once the Inn cellar, it is not known who the ghosts that haunt the Inn are, but they are sighted often!

As an interesting side note, my friends over at the Adelaide Hills – X group have been meeting monthly at the Bridgewater Inn for about 3 years now, you can find them online at - http://www.meetup.com/paranormal-521/ or the 3rd Wednesday of every month, in the evening at the Inn.

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