Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Gandhi Ghost of Wasleys

The Gandhi Ghost of Wasleys

Wasley's North of Gawler, a small town in The Mudla Wirra forrest not far from Roseworthy, was home to ghost in 1954...

Wasley's, like most small towns in the 1950's often held a Ball, a social dance for young and old to attend, for people to get out, let loose, have some fun and meet other locals of the district.
On this particular night in 1954, a ghost, white as a sheet, or two, was seen running around the town frantically as if searching for something, uttering nonsensical mutterings in a grumbling whining voice.
Those who saw the ghost, were not sure of what it searched for, some thought the ghost itself was not even sure what it searched for, but on through the evening, it searched, wandering the streets of Wasley's, grumbling and moaning.

Eventually, the ghost entered the hall where the ball was being held...the crowd stared....and the ghost asked his friend for directions home!?!

So what was really going on in Wasley's on that night?
Seems a well known Gawler identity of the era was invited to a ball at Wasley's, and whether a praticle joke, or just a misunderstanding, thought the ball was fancy dress.
He drove to his friends house and got ready, ripping of his clothes, he covered his head in one white sheet, and his body in another, and made way to the hall.
Once inside, he sat in the middle of the ballroom floor and started a Ghandi impersonation...only too realise, as he looked up, that no-one else was in fancy dress.

He quickly stood and departed as the crowds laughter erupted in his ears, and made his way outside and down the street – only to find, he didn’t know where he was, and was lost in Wasley's...and of course, you've already read about the ghost searching for his way home that night.....

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