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Macksad Murders

Adelaide municipal golf links, a serene location, low rolling hills, trees and flower beds, but in May 1933, the links became home to a homicide crime scene when the body of 38 year old, an unemployed fitter of Adelaide, Mr Richard Joseph Supple was found on the grounds. He had been shot three times and badly beaten around his head with a large blunt object.
Mr Supples death remained one of Adelaide’s great mysteries of the time, Police searched relentlessly for clues and evidence. But his whereabouts after 3:30pm on Wednesday the 16th of May eluded them.

The absences of facts in their enquiries baffled them, how can a man disappear so thoroughly, surely someone must have seen this moderately well known man about Adelaide.
Detectives Corell, McGrath and Strangways, and a plain clothes Constable, Sharoe, covered large areas of ground in their enquiries after the finding of Mr Supples body on the Thursday morning, they visited all his known hangouts, his home, his family and his friends, and eventually some luck came there way and a car with blood on the running boards was found.
The blood was sampled and taken away to pathology for the long wait to see if it was human or animal blood.
Good detective work gave an unusual breakthrough, the three holes, thought to be gun shot wounds in Mr Supples body, may have indeed been holes caused by a garden rake, swung at Mr Supple after an argument that involved his wife and their next door neighbour, Mr Macksad.
Not long after blood was also found on the lino flooring in the Gilbert street shop belonging to the Syrian born shopkeeper, Salem Macksad.
Mr Macksad was taken into custody, and the police revealed they had a motive for the murder, but would not lay charges until the blood test result confirmed their suspicions, they did not have to wait too long, and on very soon Mr Macksad was charged with the first degree of Murder of Richard Supple.

Mrs Supple had begun an affair with her neighbour, and often they would stop under the trees on Memorial drive to engage in their carnal desires, sometimes in botanic park as well, but always after she finished her shift working on North Terrace at around 6:30pm – her husband had no knowledge of the affair.
Richard had come home one night and found his wife in the kitchen of Mr Macksad, which angered him greatly, that night he fought with his wife and struck her, causing her a black eye, and from that time on, knowing his wife was cheating on him, he began to drink heavily and make a nuisance of himself upon her.
It would seem during a heated exchange with Mr Macksad one evening, Macksad grabbed a three pronged hoerake and struck Supple in the head, causing three bullet like puncture wounds, which the police would later think were bullet holes.
Mr Macksad who had a shop right next door to the Supple family home on Gilbert street, and Mrs Supple were in the trists of a secret affair that Richard had stumbled upon...and within a couple of weeks, would lead to his death

Salem Macksad was duly sentenced to twelve years hard labour in Adelaide Gaol

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