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Grange House

Grange House

Found within the Penfolds Magill Estate, Grange House was constructed in 1845 by Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold after emigrating to Australia from England.
The couple moved to Adelaide with their young daughter and bought 500 acres of land at Magill Estate (originally named Mackgill)
The Penfolds built a stone cottage and named it “Grange” after Mary's hometown, the name would later become the name of Penfolds flagship red wine.
In 1870, Christopher's health failed and passed away at the age of 59, leaving Mary to take full control of the winery, which she did capably.

Mary retired from Wine making in 1884 at the age of 68, she lived on in the Grange House until her death in 1896 aged 80 years old
In the 1980's staff began to report hearing a woman’s voice echoing across the vineyards, this, combined with a tea cup with Mary's initials on it, that would freely move around the cottage by itself, led people to believe Mary Penfold had returned to her former home that she loved so dearly.
In 2011, Magill estate, and Grange House made the local news again when it was reported that alarm sensors started to go off with no reasonable explanation at the winery, staff began to report other phenomena, reminiscent of the haunting 30 years earlier.

Is it Mary Penfold returning to her much loved residence and vineyard, if so, why has she come back, is it because her winery has been sold to international buyers and she is displeased, or some other reason we are unaware off, whatever her reasons are, she seems benign and harmless in her haunting thus far.

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