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What made the news 100 years ago today?

What made the news 100 years ago today?

First up a story about Sunday Trading, something we take for granted nowadays, was still unheard of back then.
The Register (Adelaide, SA  1901 - 1929), Wednesday 25 February 1914, page 11

Sunday Trading
In the Adelaide Police Court on Tuesday, before Mr. T. Gepp, S.M., five shopkeepers were each fined - £2 0/6 for having kept their shops open for trade on. Sunday, February 16.-' The articles chiefly sold were lollies and cigarettes. Their names were M. Brackenridge, Flinders 'street;
M. L. Sams, -King William street;
.M; Head, King William street;
Robert Terry, King William street:
and John Hancock, Pulteney street.
Mr. W..H, Wadey appeared to prosecute.

The next newspaper story is an odd one for any times, past or present!
The Register (Adelaide, SA  1901 - 1929)
 Wednesday 25 February 1914, page 11 

It is not often that a wife applies for the reduction of an order made against her husband for the maintenance of herself and children. Such a case, however, was heard in the Adelaide Police Court on Tuesday when Annie Bellman asked that an order, for 30/, payable by Albert Henry Bellman.- should be reduced to 15/. Mr .C. Muirhead, who appeared for the applicant, said he did not suppose the defendant would object to the reduction. Defendant (emphatically) -70b, no! Mr. Muirhead— But' the wife wants some of the arrears.;Annie Bellman, the applicant, said she now had three children to keep instead of six, and in consequence did not require so much support from her husband: The' Defendant “I want my 'wife to keep away from me at my work. I would take other steps' if I could.” Mr. - Muirhead “ You ought not to say that. The woman is 'treating you most generously.”
The Bench (which consisted of Messrs.T. Gepp, S.M., H. Buttery, and A. D. Bennett) reduced the order as requested, with costs against the defendant.

Some people don't like to vote,. Others like to tamper with votes....some things always stay the same....
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.  1860 - 1954), Wednesday 25 February 1914, page 5

ADELAIDE, February 25

At the Adelaide; Police Court this morning a man named P. Wadey was charged with haying, on October 17, signed his Milieus a witness to an electoral papers which had been filled up without first been signed by the elector. He was fined altogether £2.

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