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Belair Train Tunnel

  Belair Train Tunnel

Singleton Argus  , Saturday 4 February 1928, page 1

A horrific accident occurred on February 2 1928 during the building of new train tunnels that were going to extend the Belair train line through the Adelaide Hills

Six men lost their lives, and three men were injured when a landslide hit the tunnel as men were working on it.

The men killed:
Mr Charles Wilkinson
Mr William Kilmartin
Mr Robert Cafferty
Mr Paul Patt
Mr Charles Smith
                                 Mr Garrett Costello

The men injured in the incident also included two rescue workers, the injured workers were Mr John Whittenbury, Mr Arthur Newcombe, Mr Ambrose Gledhill, and rescue workers, Mr Gallaghan and Mr J McCarthy.

If the incident had occurred any later the tragedy could have indeed been much worse as the heavily-laden express train to Melbourne was able to be rerouted as news of the accident hit Adelaide Railway control, any later and the train would have crashed into the site, unable to stop.
There is every possibility that one, or all , of these men now haunt the currently used train tunnel, which has become the home of urban explorers and graffiti artists but as with all ghost stories, there is probably an element of urban legend that has grown around the area due to old fireside tale telling...

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