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One Way to Lay a Ghost

One Way to Lay a Ghost

Burra, South Australia 1889.
 The Father of local, Bill Skimmins had passed away. Bill decided to bury his poor old Dad near his barn, in a manner some thought was unkind and very poorly done.
Talk of the burial spread through the town, and of the shoddy attempt at grave making by Bill.

The neighbours thought it was a shame the Old Man had been treated like this by his son, and one of them decided it would be funny to play a joke on Bill.
He hid himself near Bills barn and laid in wait for Bill to come walking past.
He didn't have to wait long, and spotted Bill walking towards him. As Bill got near, he jumped up from his hiding spot and exclaimed in his loudest ghostly voice “ I'M YOUR FATHER BILL!”
Unflinching, Bill said “ Who said you warn't?” “Git down thar inter yer hole whar yer belong!” and with a flick of his hand slammed a bridle he had been holding into the cheeks of his ghostly imposter Father

The joker, joked no more, and for the rest of his adult life could not hide the scars across his face from the brutal strike of that bridle in 1889...

Burra - Photo by Allen Tiller

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