Tuesday, 30 December 2014



In 1931, Ivan white awoke to the horrifying sounds of screams from his, across the road neighbours, on Brighton Road, Helmsdale. He jumped out of bed and ran across to the bungalow. Looking through the window, to his horror, he saw his neighbour, Stanley Jones, bashing his wife in the head with a hammer...

Stanley Jones was married to Gertrude, and together they lived with their 18 year old daughter Marjorie and an 35 year old female boarder by the name of of Ms Sullivan.
Stanley owned a Billiard Saloon Hall in Glenelg that had always been reasonably rewarding financially, but in recent times had become somewhat of a strain on his hip pocket.

On the night in question, Mr Jones came home from work and dinner with his Wife, daughter and Boarder. The foursome ate, and Ms Sullivan and Marjorie excused themselves and both returned to their rooms.
Ms Sullivan, later in her Police statement, said after she had left the dining room, and returned to her room, Mr and Mrs Jones had sat at the table, engrossed in amicable conversation.
At some point the same evening, after saying goodnight to his wife, Stanley began to write a note explaining that he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused and the “The Billiard saloon was the cause of it all”..
At about 2:45am, Stanley went into his daughter Marjorie's room and slit her throat with a razor. Marjorie couldn’t scream, but she managed to get up and make her way to her Mothers room, bleeding severely from her wounds. As she entered Gertrude's room, Stanley, Her Father, struck her in the back of the head with a hammer.
Marjorie fell to the floor at the foot of her Mothers bed.
Gertrude began to scream, and as she did, Stanley came at her with the hammer swinging wildly, whilst also trying to slash her with the razor.
In another part of the house Ms Sullivan had been awoken by the screams, and realised something terrible was happening in the house, she jumped out through a window to escape, and ran into neighbour Ivan white as he crossed the street to see what was going on.
Looking through the window at the horrors before him, Ivan tapped on the window. Stanley turned and looked him in the eye, with a savage expression on his face, and turned back to beating his wife around the head with the hammer.
Mr White rushed down the street to the nearest telephone box and called the Plice, who arrived within in five minutes.
The police entered the house to find Marjorie was still alive, but in a very bad way, they followed a trail of blood through to the rear of the house and into the backyard where they found Stanley, who taken the razor to himself and slit his throat from ear to ear. He was still alive.

Both Stanley and his daughter Marjorie succumb to their wounds before medical help could arrive.