Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Subterranean Adelaide Part Two - Roseneath

Subterranean Adelaide Part Two


Completed in 1849 in the North Adelaide suburb of Walkerville sits the stunning two storey Georgian Villa known as “Roseneath'.
The house was built for James Wyld Macdonald who was an official at the Burra Mines.
The villa was built from locally kilned bricks, and was originally surrounded y olive groves and rows of vines that flanked the main driveway to the front gates on Stephens Terrace.

At the rear of the building sites a small limestone cottage, stables and coach house that were completed sometimes around 1845

This building has a service tunnel underneath it that goes out to the servant quarters at the rear of the building. Other branches of the tunnel go into storage rooms and wine cellars. There is an old legend that there was once another tunnel that led to the River Torrens, it is speculated that this tunnel was to aide bringing water to the house, to help cool the house, and to provide an escape route if there was an attack by the local natives.

The tunnels are all bricked lined their entire length, and were constructed under the guidance of original owner James McDonald.

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