Tuesday, 5 May 2015

SYFY USA - Haunting: Australia - The North Kapunda Hotel

The North Kapunda Hotel
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Long known as Australia’s Most Haunted Pub – the North Kapunda Hotel is situated at 50 Main Street Kapunda.

Kapunda has long held the title “Australia’s Most Haunted Town” and gained national notoriety after the 2001 documentary release of “Kapunda: Most Haunted Town in the Western World” which featured investigations by television host Warwick Moss of 1990’s supernatural TV show “The Extraordinary”
The North Kapunda Hotel garnered international interest after it was featured on TV show Haunting: Australia in episode 7. The show featured local paranormal investigator, Allen Tiller, founder of Eidolon Paranormal, SA Paranormal and The Haunts of Adelaide investigating in his local pub alongside team members Robb Demarest, Ray Jorden, Gaurav Tiwari, Rayleen Kable and Ian Lawman.
In 2014 Ghost Crime Tours began a tour in the hotel, which was hosted by Allen for the first 6 months. The tour is extremely popular and is often sold out well in advance – this could be because so many people have a supernatural experience whilst visiting this hotel!
The hotel has operated since 1849, and received extensions and upgrades in 1866 by then owner James Crase. Over the years the hotel, which is the central focal point of the town has seen its rooms used by Prince Alfred, 2nd son of Queen Victoria, State Parliament, Circus troops, traveling salesmen, social clubs and much much more!
The hotel is said to be haunted by a number of spirits, including Sir Sydney Kidman, Dr MHS Blood, former owners Henry Fairclough & Denis Horgan, a former traveling scissor grinder, prostitutes, children and a dark shadow man with a bad temper!
If you are visiting South Australia, head north on the Max Fatchen expressway to Gawler, then onto the Theile highway to Kapunda – and whilst in the town don’t miss the Museum, the haunted Information Centre, the Haunted Court House, The basement museum in the Kapunda Bakery and just a little out of town the amazing Anlaby house and gardens!
Allen Tiller outside the North Kapunda Hotel
You can stay in Kapunda at the Station B&B, Anlaby House, The Kapunda Tourist Park, Ford House or The Sir John Franklin Hotel!