Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Lochiel Nurse

The Lochiel Nurse

I first heard this story many years ago, and traveled up to Lochiel very early on in my career as a paranormal investigator, for a private house investigation. Whilst there I looked diligently for the vehicle that I am about to speak of, but to no avail.

Lochiel is a little town located about 125kms north of Adelaide on Highway 1. The area has an interesting history, and has been home to coal mines, wheat farmers and the salt farmers, who collect salt from Bumbunga Lake Nearby.…the area even spawned the micro nation of “The Province of Bumbunga”

Many years ago, Lochiel used to have its own town ambulance, an old 60’s style machine that saw many many years of service. Often patients would get to hospital and ask who the nurse was that had
been caring for them, as she seemed a little old fashioned, and wore a uniform that seemed out of date and very much unlike modern nurses uniforms. Of course the driver and attendants would have no clue what the patient was talking about – but over the years it happened so often it could no longer be ignored – however, no-one ever solved the mystery of who the nurse could be, or why she chose to help the people of Lochiel.

 I heard many years ago that the ambulance in question was put into retirement a long time ago, and sat in the yard of local for many years – I have no clue to its where about today, but would love to know what happened too it. So if you know, or you experienced a ride with this ghostly nurse, please feel free to drop me a line at eidolon@live.com.au