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The Truro Murders (Part 6): Christopher Worell

The Truro Murders (Part 6): Christopher Worell

Christopher Robin Worrell was born in Adelaide on January 17th 1954, he never knew his father, and by the time he was six years old, his mother had remarried.
 Not much is publicly available about Worrell’s early life, what we do know however is, that as a teenager, he joined the Royal Australian Air Force, and spent time at Sale in Victoria, and also in Western Australia.
  Worrell reportedly admitted to killing two girls whilst traveling through the outback from Western Australia to South Australia, these murders would go unreported, and as of yet, there is no evidence they ever actually happened.
 Worrell, after serving in the RAAF, came back to Adelaide and lived with family, spending time at his Brother Danny’s house, before beginning his life of crime. He would eventually be put on a suspended sentence for rape charges, which he eventually broke when found guilty for raping another girl – the Judge called him “A depraved and disgusting human being” during sentencing, which would see Worrell serve three years in Yatala Gaol.
 It was during his remand period, awaiting trial that he first met James Miller, who was a petty criminal. The two men became friend in Yatala, and lovers after they were released.

Upon release from Yatala, Worrell lived with his sisters and her two young daughters.
 He was a good looking, charismatic young man, bi-sexual and with a kink for tying girls up when having sex with them. He also enjoyed bondage magazines, sometimes allowing James Miller to apply oral sex to him whilst browsing them.
 From December 1976 to February 1977 he murdered 7 young girls that he picked up on the streets of Adelaide, from places such as the Adelaide Railway Station, the Buckingham Arms Hotel, Rundle Mall, The Ambassadors Hotel, West Terrace and other iconic locations in Adelaide, South Australia.
 Christopher Worrell was killed in car accident right as his killing spree was beginning to consume him. Many people have speculated as to the reasons behind the murders, with some people pointing to the fact that it was discovered that Worrell had bleeding on his brain, found during his autopsy. This is of course speculation, and without much being written about his upbringing or youth, it is hard to know exactly what led to him becoming a serial killer.
 Christopher Robin Worrell was buried in Centennial Park (Grave 1364). His headstone, which was laid a year before his murders were discovered, somewhat mocks his victims – The inscription reads, “Untold love and joy he brought to all”.

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