Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Haunted Buildings in Adelaide - Adelaide City Council Libraries

Haunted Buildings in Adelaide
Slide from the world first "Haunted Buildings in Adelaide" paranormal history residency

 My regular readers would know, that for the past few months of 2016 (February through to May) I have been engaged by the Adelaide City Council Libraries to be their ‘Historian in Residence’ for the “Haunted Buildings in Adelaide” project.
 The project, which involved the public bringing in their own ghost stories, photos and experiences was incredibly successful and gained a hug amount of media attention for the library and its projects, including coverage on Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’, 2 radio interviews on ABC 89.1, radio interviews with Alan Hickey on 5AA, the Y Report on Coast FM, The front page of the City Messenger, as well as newspaper coverage in The Advertiser, The Australian and their respective websites.
 Very soon the research side of the project will surface online on the Adelaide City Council Website, the research will include a brief history (some a little briefer than others) of the building, including the architect, opening date, trivia and other facts, and associated ghosts stories and urban legends.

 Some of the places in the project you may have never heard of before, and some are old stories, with new sightings, there is even a couple of Audio and Video oral histories thrown into the mix.
 Even though my residency in the library has ended, the project has not. This project will be ongoing for as long as there is interest in Adelaide’s ‘alternative’ history. So if you have a ghost story from anywhere in the Adelaide City Council region and you would it like shared, please feel free to email me at eidolon@live.com.au and I’ll have it added to the collection.
 As soon as the collection is live, I will be sharing it via my social media and website via the following pages:
Website: www.AllenTiller.com.au

You can also find the Adelaide City Council Libraries and the History Hub via the following links

or pop into the libraries History Hub at Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall, Adelaide