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The Barmera Hotel Haunting

The Barmera Hotel Haunting

Built in 1932 as a community hotel, the Barmera Hotel was originally known as “The Lake Bonney Hotel”, named after the large lake that is named after explorer Charles Bonney.

 This particular Riverland hotel has a reputation for ghostly goings on and is alleged to be home to a number of resident spirits.
One ghost has been named “Harold” and is described as wearing a blue checked shirt and blue jeans. Harold has an eye for the ladies, particularly younger female staff workers and likes to follow them around the hotel, touching them inappropriately. 

There are also reports of poltergeist type activity, including plumbing that turns on and off without living human interaction, and pokies machines that pay out when no-one is playing them.

 Another spirit has been nicknamed “Janie”. Janie is thought to be a youngish woman who may have once worked at the hotel, or someone who stayed there at some point, passed away and has returned. Reports on Janie are few and far between and she seems to be “sensed” more than seen.

 The hotels basement seems to be a hive of spiritual activity, with reports from previous owners and staff of unusual goings on, cold spots and odd voices in the rooms below the hotel. It is thought that bodies were stored here for coronial inquests, and that this might be the source of the haunting.

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