Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Haunted Doll: Emiri

Emiri came from the United States in 2010. I bought her from ebay, with little hope she was actually haunted, but with the thought of, if she might be, it would be interesting to experiment with her, and see if I could gather any data via experimentation.

The following letter came attached with Emiri:
“This doll belonged to my Mother, she used to take her everywhere. Emiri loves car rides, she has always been talkative, she also likes to draw with coloured pencils, especially red ones.
 She rode a lot when she was alive and still loves it, along with travel games.
She says she choked on some fast food and died, it seems like it was French fries.
 She is easily annoyed, and doesn’t like to be handled and cuddled a lot.
She likes to quietly play.
We have seen her move and our belt buckles in the car buckle on their own.
 When inside her host changes positions, or ends up flipped over.
She prefers to be away from other dolls.”

I ran countless experiments with different gadgets, but to no avail, nothing ever came from anything I tried. I did, on occasion ask psychics, who knew nothing about the dolls past, to hold her, and only one, a sensitive person, who claimed no special abilities, was able to deliver something very similar to the back story provided by the original owners.
 At the time that intrigued me, but In retrospect, it was much more likely to be coincidence, or they had seen the same doll for sale online!

Emiri travelled to a lot of locations that I investigated, including St Johns Cemetery near Kapunda, but her real claim to fame was on TV show Haunting: Australia, where she had a minor role in the Gledswood Homestead episode.

 I used Emiri on the show to see if myself and Ian Lawman could interact with the spirit of a small girl, that psychic Rayleen Kable had felt died in a small room just a little bit away from the main homestead, thought to be quarters set aside for convict workers.
 Whilst we were in the room, Ian and I noted temperature drops, and high EMF readings (the readings were cut from the episode), but no other equipment registered anything abnormal. Later it would be revealed that when Rayleen was investigating the room, she picked up on a young girl named Isabel.
 Isabel would reveal herself through an EVP, in which she clearly replies with the answer of “yes” to one of Rayleen’s questions.

I don’t believe Emiri to be haunted, but I am also not a psychic, and maybe she won’t reveal herself to me, but as many of you know, there are no strict answers in the spiritual realm, so could Emiri and Isabel have met on the spiritual plane, and interacted, thus giving the sensations of cold spots, breathing sounds and EMF readings, or was it just our imaginations being hyped out about investigating an allegedly haunted location, and with the tiredness that creeps in after running such a tight shooting/ investigation schedule (Gledswood was the third location we filmed after Woodford Academy and Australiana Pioneer Village).
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So what do you believe?
 Can a doll be a container for a spirit to dwell? 
Can an object be haunted?

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