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A Haunting at Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula

A Haunting at Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula


It has been alleged that the Porter Building, located at 49-55 Main Street, Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula is haunted by a former lolly shop owner who died in a fire in 1958.
Claims of a ghost causing paranormal activity in the building are common, with previous tenants claiming that objects would mysteriously move on their own, that doors and windows would, on occasion open and close with no human contact.

 Cold spots have been reported, as well as cold breezes on scorching hot days, and at least one person claiming to witness a strange human-like apparition floating through the building, seen from outside.
Previously to the current shops being constructed, the original buildings were a shop and small residence, which were owned by local council member Kevin (K.G.) King in the 1950’s.
Mr and Mrs King were dressmakers and set up shop in 1948, renting the premises from Mr Poole.

 In the small residence lived 80-year-old Mabel Evelyn Lock, who once lived across Main Street with her husband, Edwin Ernest Lock, where they ran their own business, and where Edwin tended his prize winning garden.
Edwin passed away in 1940, and Mabel lived and worked in the town for a while longer, until moving into the residence alongside Mr Kings shop.
 On January 11th, 1954, W. J. McMahon, a neighbour, noticed smoke billowing from the Mrs Lock’s house. He called the fire brigade and the local doctor for help.
 The fire was extinguished, but poor Mrs Lock was found dead in her bedroom.
A coroner’s report stated that the cause of death was a heart attack, and the probably cause of the fire was that Mrs Lock had been carrying a candle as she made her way to bed. The candle fell forward onto the bed igniting the covers, and later Mrs Locks clothing. The coroner stated her death was firstly the heart attach, then asphyxiation from the smoke.

It has previously been stated online, that because of Mrs Lock’s death in 1954, that she is the ghost that haunts the building. This is of course speculation, unless someone can clearly identify the alleged spirit, then the ghost could obviously be anyone, but in stating that, her death, being shocking to her, could also be the foundation for her to haunt the building…

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