Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Haunted Henschke Cellars

Haunted Henschke Cellars

Henschke Cellars at Keyneton is a family owned wine making business that has seen six generations of the same family establish, and grow, one of Australia’s great, award winning wineries.

 The Winery and Cellars were established in the 1860s at Keyneton by Johann Christian Henschke.
Johann, born in 1803, had travelled to Australia onboard the vessel Skjold in 1841. His wife Appolonia and son Johann, both died onboard the ship and were buried at sea.
 He arrived in Adelaide with his two surviving sons, and settled in Lobethal, where in 1843, he remarried, and would have another eight children with his wife Dorothea.
He later moved to Krondorf, near Bethany in the Barossa valley. In 1863 he was able to purchase land in what later become the Eden Valley wine region of Keyneton. Henchke built a self-sufficient farm, and also planted a small winery.  He built, as part of that winery a small cellar into the side of the hill, which still stands today.

 I have been contacted by numerous people about a possible haunting at the old cellars, including contact by staff members, that have had, what they believe to be, a paranormal experience.
 It would seem some staff and visitors have experienced a ghostly female presence. The spirit of the woman has been seen not only in the cellars, but also in the purpose-built office block nearby.
 The spirit has been known to open and close doors, move objects, and cause paranoia.

Who she is, no-one can be certain.

If you have visited Henschke Cellars (or any of South Australia’s fabulous wineries) and experienced any paranormal activity, please contact me directly at eidolon@live.com.au or via the Haunts of Adelaide facebook page so these stories can be collected and investigated!