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Haunted Adelaide: Adelaide Oval Scoreboard

Haunted Adelaide:  Adelaide Oval Scoreboard

There have long been rumours that the old Adelaide Oval Scoreboard is haunted but no-one can identify the mysterious figure alleged to been witnessed in the old building.
It would seem the first-hand experiences of this ghost are few and far between, with only a handful of anecdotes about sightings of this mysterious spirit surfacing in the last 100 years.

Could it be instead, that the haunting of the Old Scoreboard is an urban legend, made up to rationalise a supporter’s feeling as to why their team is losing, or lost the game?
“It must’ve been the ghost in the scoreboard that got the scores wrong!”

The identity of the alleged ghost, whether real or urban legend, remains a mystery…

The first Scoreboard at the Adelaide Oval was a manually operated, ‘hook’ style scoreboard used from 1879 until 1885, when a newer version was installed. This was followed by another upgrade in 1898.
Designed by Kenneth Milne, The Adelaide Oval Scoreboard began being to be used in 1911, with a clock added in 1913, and later, in 1930, a windvane added to complete its look.
The Adelaide Oval has been described as “one of the most picturesque Test Cricket grounds in Australia, if not the world.”
the oval was established in 1871 after the formation of the South Australian Cricket Association. The first Australian Rules Football game took place on the oval in 1877, between the Adelaide Football Club and the Bankers (football club) as part of the South Australian Football Association, later to be known as the SANFL.

researched and written by Allen Tiller © 2016.


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