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Victor Harbor UFO sighting 1974

Victor Harbor UFO sighting 1974

In May 1974 the skies of Victor Harbour on the Fleurieu Peninsula were visited by a mysterious unidentified flying object!

The UFO was witnessed by Mr Neville Dunn of Encounter Bay as well as two friends travelling from Bordertown.

 Another witness to the event was First Class Constable Max Griffiths and his wife. The Griffiths witnessed two separate flashing lights travelling from east to west, not far the AMSCOL Cheese Factory (now the Lutheran Church).

The objects appeared from the north east at about 45 degrees in the sky. They eventually rose in the night sky, until one was no longer visible, and after twenty minutes, vanished from the night sky.

The authorities in the region later made a statement that a pilot in the area had radio problems and was forced to land at Murray Bridge. This explanation did not explain the second light seen by the Griffiths, nor the speed and angle of trajectory of the objects…

Did a UFO buzz Victor Harbor in 1974?

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