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IGA Brompton

IGA Brompton

One of the most recent haunting cases in South Australia is that of the IGA convenience store located on Torrens Road Brompton.

 The store garnered international attention when video footage was shown on Australian TV of a “roll-up” bar being thrown down an aisle way at 11:30pm at night, well after the shop had closed.
Shop owner, Norm Hurst, stated that the roll up bars are actually stored over 12 metres away in another aisle and that he cannot explain why the camera came on and captured the event.
Adelaide Paranormal Detectives were invited by Mr Hurst to investigate the location, during their investigation the team tried to recreate the actions of the bar, but were unsuccessful in doing so, they also received no other information to confirm the IGA as being haunted.
Ms Pulvirenti of Adelaide
Paranormal Detectives

Despite the Paranormal investigation gathering no evidence of ghosts, the haunted label has stuck with the IGA and a number of theories have risen, one theory regards the death of a boxer, Mr Bora Altintas, as a possibility of being the ghost, but why he would choose to throw a child's food bar down an aisle instead of something more appropriate to a boxer, and a man of his alleged character is something we will never know, if indeed he is the IGA Ghost

On the 21st of September 1998, Bora Atlintas, a Turkish national who had emigrated to Australia was shot dead by a single bullet, in the phone booth outside the take-away store near the IGA.
Bora Atlintas

Mr Atlintas was a very well known boxer in Australia, a professional middleweight State Champion. It is alleged that Mr Atlintas had become involved in Adelaide's seedy underworld as a drug dealer and a stand over man. He was facing a string of offences and time in prison for a number of drug related crimes when he was gunned down.
Investigations continue into the location, but as of yet nothing of solid evidence has been found.

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