Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Spirits of Lake Leak - Ghosts of The South Coast Part 7

The Spirits of Lake Leak

Not far from Millicent, close to Glencoe, is a large dormant volcano with a lake in its crater, much like Mount Gambier s Blue lake, but much smaller, that lake is known as “Lake Leak”.
For many many years it was rumour din the local area that Lake Leak was haunted, very few people had the courage to venture up to the beautiful setting at night for fear they may encounter the local ghost.
People had drowned in this lake, that is a well established fact, the locals knew those who had lost their lives here, and knew how dangerous the place could be. It was often said on a moonlit night one could see a silver grey figure, strangely looking human-like, lying on the dark waters of the lake, whether it was a man or woman, one couldn't tell, but one could see this mysterious person, floating, still, upon the water...like a dead body...
Not many people ventured to the lake at night, but every so often a stockman or rider passing through, would camp near by and let their horses rest, they would wake in the night and see the mysterious figure floating on the water. The men (or man) would quickly pack up and ride into the night scared out of his wits, others wouldn’t even wait to pack up, but simply split until morning then return for their things.
One evening a man, braver than most, happened upon the lake and decided to stay the night. He spotted the mysterious shimmery silver grey figure and watched it closely, noticing it never moved. Throwing caution to the wind, he decided to move closer and observe the figure.
It just lay there, floating, never drifting, always in the same spot.
The observant man decided not to bother the ghost this time, but just watch the figure, he then decided he should watch it for a few nights, to see if it ever did anything, or would communicate with him, but something odd happened on the third night, he spotted another ghost, this one much closer to him, and weirdly doing the exact same thing as the distant ghost, floating upon the water.
Working up all his bravery he decided to investigate the second ghost much much closer and was shocked at his discovery... the “ghost” was in fact an ancient white gum tree stripped of its bark through wind and water.
He ventured to the distant ghost, to discover the same thing.

The next day he road in to town to the pub, to tell of his story of bravery, and to tell the locals that the ghost of Lake Leak, that had haunted them for over a decade was nothing more than old tree!

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