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Chateau Tanunda

Chateau Tanunda

In 1870 the wine world was hit by the spread of phyloxera through Europe causing a shortage of available affordable wine. In South Australia’s Barossa Valley, many little wineries had been established up to 20 years earlier, and were now beginning to find their way.

A consortium of 4 men in Adelaide, saw the potential for South Australian wines on the world market and founded a business called The Adelaide Wine Company, which a short time later changed its operating name to Chateau Tanunda.
The Building of the Chateau, which at the time was the largest building in South Australia and the largest winery in the Southern Hemisphere, took two years to complete and was finished in 1890.
It was inspired by a French Bavarian style of buildings. The building is 86 metres in length and 48 meters wide and boasts a 21 metre tower. It has a large cellar with almost metre thick walls, its south cellars were cut into the side of a hill for better temperature control.
It could store 5 million litres of wine.
Ownership of the winery changed in 1916 when the Seppelt family became owners of the winery,the Seppelts family remained owners until 1998 when the building was bought by current owners John Geber & family.
The Geber family has done extensive work to the building's and surrounding grounds, even installing their very own cricket pitch.
In an interview with John Geber in 2009, he states how he discovered the Chateau, which had a sign on the door stating “Do not enter”.
The building had been stripped of its inner workings and all records within its walls dumped.
John slept in the building, which was never designed for overnight stays and discovered that the building was haunted “I had some interesting nights!” he said in reference to the ghosts making themselves known, but he elaborates no further....

Have you seen or felt a spirit at Chateau Tanunda? If so please feel free to comment below and tell us your story!

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