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This week in Adelaide 100 years ago...

This week in Adelaide 100 years ago...

Stabbed To Death at the Port:

The Steamer “Australia”, a German-Australian owned steam shipped docked at Port Adelaide was to be the home of a grisly, alcohol influenced murder in 1913.
The crew, glad to be docked after some time at sea, went into the Port and made merry in some of Port Adelaide's best known pubs. Eventually they made their way back to the steamer.
Being very drunk, they made a lot of commotion and awoke the ships boatswain, August Bieseler. Mr Bieseler then remonstrated with the very drunk crew, one of the men, thought to be a man named Schiebat, struck Bieseler with a bottle.
In the ensuing struggle, Karl Richter was stabbed through the heart with a keen-pointed knife, it is though Schiebat was too blame, because, no sooner had Richter been stabbed, Schiebat cut his own throat.
Steamer "Australia"
Richter died almost instantly from his wounds, Schiebat on the other hand was conveyed to the Port Adelaide Casualty Hospital where he received medical attention for his injuries – he was later charged and brought to justice.
(Chronicle – Sat, Sept 13th 1943)

Beaten to Death:

Mr Frederick Stephens, a 47 year old labourer in West Adelaide was found lying unconscious in a field, with his head badly battered.
When police arrived they found Mr Stephens had passed from his injuries, a woman who was standing near Mr Stephens explained to police that the now deceased gentleman had been escorting her home, another man approaching from ahead of them, struck Mr Stephens as they passed and bludgeoned him.
An aboriginal tracker was brought in to study the scene but could only find the tracks of Mr Stephens and the unidentified lady.
The lady was detained for further questioning.

(Northern Star: Tues. 16th Sept. 1913)

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