Tuesday, 13 May 2014

“Now prepare to meet your doom, For in this box there is room”

“Now prepare to meet your doom,
For in this box there is room”

This is the inscription said to be on a box carried by a ghost in the Burra region circa 1906.
Reports of a ghost seen in the town started with the reporting of a spectre seen on the darkest of nights entering a stable, taking out a horse and putting its harness on, then riding off on said horse in the direction of Redruth Gaol.
The Horse rustling spook was described as being clothed in white, with long white legs, long white arms, larger than normal eyes and a white cap, not totally unusual clothing for a ghost, but perhaps for a horse rustler..
Another report soon came in of the ghost seen out on the Baldina road by a young lady. The young school aged girl reported the sighting to her Mother, but the Mother was more interested to know why her daughter had skipped school.
The daughter explained to her Mother why she had left, but the Mother was unsatisfied with her explanation, instead telling the local constable of her daughters truancy, and then forcing the daughter to tell the constable of her excuse, of which the now embarrassed daughter did. The Mother then exclaimed that “ If my daughter is surrounded by all the ghosties in the world, She will not say one word about it!” and left the amused constable to his duties.
The ghost made yet one more appearance in the town before it's demise into the ever long night. A man spotted it casually going about it's ghostly business and went for a closer look. “ It would appear” said the witness when reporting the ghastly ghoul, “ That this “spirit” has phosphorous upon its brow, and carries a wooden box with the inscription 'Now prepare to meet your doom,
For in this box there is room'”

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