Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Barossa Junction Motel

Barossa Junction Motel

Earlier in the year Karen, Jayde and I were joined by Marie and Wayne from Overland Paranormal to investigate the soon to be closing Barossa Junction Motel

The motel was somewhat of an icon on the road between Nuriootpa and Tanunda, with its train carriage hotel rooms, and train themed restaurant.

We were very lucky to have a friend, Kelly (Thank you Kelly) arrange our investigation, as the majority of the trains were to be auctioned the next day as the centre was closing its doors after 30 years of operation.
I had long heard of the rumoured hauntings in the train carriages, and had always meant to stop in ask, but time and life got in the way, so when Kelly came forward with arrangements, and telling us the place was closing for good the next day, I hastily rearranged other projects to get over to the Motel and investigate!

We were greeted by the owner, an auctioneer and a crane driver, the men were working out how they would move the full sized train cabins, which many years ago had been converted into luxury sleeping quarters, a novelty motel design, that in its early days must have been pretty amazing to admire.

We were basically told we could go anywhere we want, so we did, and began to explore to carriages and grounds of the location, which is vast, and with 30 or more carriages, train memorabilia and a car museum, it was an immense undertaking to a truly inspiring time.

Whilst Karen and Jayde conducted some EVPS in an old carriage, I went an explored in a different area with Marie. The Owners wife soon joined us, and showed us the swimming pool complex at the rear of the facility, and told us the story of a gentleman who had hung himself in there. We began investigating whilst she went to unlock another area, and noted some shadowy type movement near the entrance to the toilets, but no EVPs were captured in this area or anything more than a personal experience.

We were granted entry into the dining rooms and main Chevrolet car museum, which was an amazing spectacle of vintage cars and motor bikes, some in pristine condition, the display even contained some prototype vehicles!

Marie and Jayde tried some experiments with the Spirit Box, whilst myself and Karen took photos, video and conducted some EVP sessions – whilst we didn’t get much activity during our investigation, we were really amazed by the collection, and ever thankful for the opportunity to investigate before the facility closed

Many thanks to the owners, and to Kelly Lewis for the opportunity to investigate and explore before the closing of this Barossa Valley icon, and also to Overland Paranormal for joining us :)

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