Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Demolition of Julia Farr

Instead of a writing blog, today I am sharing a group of photos I took whilst visiting the Julia Farr Centre while it was being pulled down.
Adelaide paranormal enthusiasts would know the extensive problems the owners of the old hospital building had with the vandals, urban explorers, thrill seekers and other members of the public who would break into the derelict and condemned building in search of cheap thrills, and in some cases, in search of ghosts.
 I do unfortunately know a couple of stories of local paranormal investigators who trespassed in the building in the search of evidence, I DO NOT condone this type of behaviour, nor partake in it - if you DO NOT have permission, please don't take it upon yourself to enter anywhere, places like this one were extremely unsafe, and I am still surprised no "explorers" lost their lives.

Rumours abound about the hauntings in this building, but before it was emptied and become condemned, there were next to no stories in the public forum about ghosts residing here. Rumour and urban legends soon changed that, with the most common stories being the usual Nurse and Doctor stories, phantom medical staff walking the hallways, mostly unfounded, and never investigated by any paranormal teams. Unfortunately now, with the building torn down, there is nothing much left to investigate, and the Julia Farr Centre ghost stories become urban legends from an iconic location lost to progress....

 Anyhoo, here are some photos from the day they pulled a wing down - enjoy.

All photos by Allen Tiller

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