Tuesday, 24 June 2014

William Henry Feast

In 1955, the battered, beaten and bloodied body of Unice Flora Gwynne, aged 78, a widow, was found partially hidden in a mangrove swamp near Port Adelaide. Half of her clothing had been removed and she had been “criminally assaulted”

Police started to investigate the matter, and it did not take them long to become suspicious of one William Henry Feast, a 42 year old Wharf Labourer, but William had skipped town and headed to Victoria.

Mr Feast was eventually hunted down, the brutality of his crime to an old woman earned him no reprieve from the criminal element of the State of Victoria, and Police eventually caught up with, and arrested him.
On January 2nd, South Australian Police sent over Detective Sergeant E. Canney, a Police Escort to accompany Mr Feast back to Adelaide to face his murder charge in courts. There was a slight hitch in the plan, which made national news at the time, Two major Australian airlines, TAA and ANA, would not allow Mr Feast nor his Police Escort to board their flights on the ground that their paying passengers would be safe, and be somewhat endangered by having this man on their flight. Feast was eventually brought back to Adelaide via the train service.

Feast was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to hang in Adelaide Gaol, his execution by hanging took place on March 23rd 1956

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