Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Riverland UFO Sighting South Australia 2012

Riverland UFO Sighting South Australia 2012
 One night while sitting in my office I received a phone call from a gentlemen who seemed somewhat distressed and a little perplexed.
 Said Gentleman had been flying a small plane on Monday the 16th of January 2012 on a late night training exercise in the Riverland of South Australia, whilst in the air, he noticed a strangely lit object acting erratically in the night sky, his co-pilot also noted the object. The pair called Air traffic control and asked if any planes where in the nearby vicinity of their location. They received an emphatic “no!” from the traffic controller, and decided to shadow the object from a distance,
 They flew watching the plane from the region in Lake Bonney in Barmera to Peterborough in the lower Flinders Rangers, and only decided to turn back after realising they would soon not be able to return to their landing strip due to fuel.
The Gentleman described the object as the following:
 “.Small bright object with many lights, every few minutes would stop, dip onto its side, then spin around like a “Hurdy Gurdy” (merry-go-round). Travelling at approx. 150 knots at one point. Object seemed to keep same speed as plane and same distance constantly. Radio interference was also present during sighting, on a warm clear night.”
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