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SYFY USA - Adelaide Arcade

USA SYFY Airing - Adelaide Arcade

Want to visit the Adelaide Arcade as seen on SYFY TV show – “Haunting: Australia” - plan your trip to include the only ghost tour in South Australia recommended by the majority of the Haunting: Australia team – GHOST CRIME TOURS
The Adelaide Arcade is also the lead story in Allen Tiller’s book “The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery and the Paranormal” which also features other allegedly haunted locations in the City of Churches.
The Adelaide Arcade was opened on December 12th 1885 between Grenfell and Rundle Streets in Adelaide’s busy shopping precinct. Boasting 50 stores, with 50,000 square feet of space, Turkish Baths, electric lighting (the first in Adelaide), lower level shops with upper level living, ventilation and a unique parcel delivery system as well as coal gas heating.

With a stone entrance built from Kapunda marble, the ornate building boasts glass windows imported from England, and specially made floor tiles, designed for the Arcade.

One of Adelaide’s most popular malls, the arcade is allegedly haunted, which led to the first ever paranormal investigation of the Adelaide Arcade being conducted by the Haunting: Australia team in August 2013.

A former caretaker come security guard known as “The Beadle” Mr Francis Cluney died after an incident where he fell into a machine that kept the electric lit - there is some controversy that the incident was not in actual fact an accident, but may have been a deliberate act caused by local youth her had been causing trouble for Mr Cluney only minutes before his death (there are clues to this possibility in newspaper articles and witness statements, of which you can read more about in the “The Haunts of Adelaide” – available via amazon here - )

Other deaths include that of young Sydney Bryon Kennedy who died from asphyxiation in his mother’s upstairs apartment in the arcade – she later died of complications from substance abuse.
Another death, on the Rundle Mall end of the Arcade was that of young Florence Horton who was killed by her husband Thomas Horton. Mr Horton was eventually executed in the Adelaide Gaol by hanging.
If you would like to learn more about the Adelaide Arcade be sure to book a Ghost Crime Tour, and buy the book “The Haunts of Adelaide – History, Mystery and the Paranormal” and whilst your Adelaide head up to the Adelaide Hills and visit Cleland wildlife park and visit my buddy Edmund the Koala!

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