Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Northfield Crop Circle 1994

The Northfield Crop Circle 1994

 December 1994, the suburb of Northfield had its own encounter with Aliens after a large crop circle was spotted when Alison Light flew into the city on December 9th.
 Using a street directory, Alison was able to track down the wheat crop by the street patterns of the area, and found it in a field owned by the Department of Agriculture.

The Crop Circle measured 15.3 metres wide, with the wheat flattened in an anticlockwise direction
all the stalks were unbroken, with no human tracks in or out of the shape. It's outer appendages had all the stalks facing back to the main shape, and the entire pattern was perfectly aligned to the Earth’s own magnetic fields in a north-south direction.

 A friend of mine, Mr Good, who I met through a site we both worked at, actually experienced this crop circle for himself first hand, being offered the chance to step inside it when he was working in the areas as a security guard
 Mr Good said, that when he stood inside it you could feel a very weird electrical vibration. Government tests conducted to measure for radioactivity and magnetic charge disputed this evidence, but one has to wonder, as in all UFO related cases, is the Government telling the truth, as it is well known Governments worldwide will cover up any kind of UFO contact wherever possible– (One only has to site the recent release of UFO related material released by the New Zealand and UK Governments over previous years)

 This particular crop circle drew the attention of Mr Colin Norris (known locally as “Mr UFO”) who described the circle as “Marvellous” and stated to the Advertiser Newspaper when asked if it could be a hoax
“It’s ‘it’ as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing about this that’s a hoax. It’s perfect”.

Local radio station SAFM claimed they had made the crop circle as a joke, but retracted their statement of involvement when a Government Official said charges could possibly be laid over the incident.

A few days later, the wheat was harvested and the circle removed by the blades of a combine harvester.

 The land is now entirely covered by homes