Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nullarbor UFO Sighting 1988

Nullarbor UFO Sighting 1988

January 1988, the Knowles family, Mother Faye, Patrick, 24, Sean, 21, and Wayne, 18, were travelling from Melbourne Victoria, across South Australia, heading for a new life in Perth Western Australia.
 The family of four were traveling in their Ford Telstar across the Nullarbor Plains, when, approximately 40kms east of the Western Australian border, near Mundrabilla they had an encounter with an unidentified flying object.
 The family claim at around 5am, as they were driving along the flat, straight stretch of road, they swerved to avoid a large glowing object on the road.. The object appeared to the Knowles family to resemble an “egg in an eggcup” about a metre wide, and glowing brightly.
 The family stopped and went back to look at the strange object, but got scared and ran back to their car and started to drive off.
 As they did so the object suddenly took off and started following them, Sean, who was driving, put his foot down, and claimed to have reached speeds of 200 KM/H. The object, which resonated with a low hum not unlike an electrical transformer, suddenly came down hard on the roof of the car and lifted it off the road.
 At this point, Mrs Knowles put her hand out the window and touched the weird object, describing it as being hot, and feeling like a “rubber suction cup” - with the window now open, smoke began to fill the car, which the family described as smelling like dead bodies...
The family reported, that whilst in the air, it seemed like everything was in slow motion and their voices became distorted.
 The car suddenly dropped to the ground, bursting a tire, making it impossible to continue driving, so the family escaped in the bushes nearby and waited for the object to leave, which it eventually did. They changed the burst tire, then drove to Mundrabilla Roadhouse and told their story, of which a truck driver, Graham Henley, reported that he had seen a bright light in the vicinity in his rear view mirror,

 The Ceduna Police were called to inspect the car and take statements from the Knowles family. Sergeant Fred Longley said the family were in a state of shock and distress when he encountered them.
“They were in a terrible state — even though it was five hours after the incident. Something happened out there. Their car, even after being driven all that way, still had black ash — or dust — over it. Even on the inside. Where did that come from? There’s no soil like that out there, only sand.”

Another police officer Sergeant Jim Furnell described the dents in the roof of the car “as if something had landed on top “

So what did happen to the Knowles family that fateful day in 1988?

Plenty of theories have been put forward, but only the family themselves will ever really know.