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UFO's over Woomera 1952

UFO's over Woomera 1952

 Woomera located in the remote outback of South Australia has for many decades been a military testing ground. Some UFO researchers believe, due to the military facilities based there, that UFO activity is higher in the area as aliens could be monitoring the activity of tests, especially so because Woomera was once used to test atomic weapons, whatever the case may be, the military itself was keeping record of unusual sightings in the area.
 In 1952 from April to October there were numerous sightings and unexplained incidents by workers in the area.
 In April 1952 3 men noticed an unidentified light moving north west parallel to the ground at 45 degrees SE – it's emitted a light source bright enough to light up clouds around it and the land underneath it
Later the same year in September,  five people witnessed a cigar shaped “airship” with a rear exhaust The craft was moving silently through the air, and seemed to have internal lighting, as was viewed through side portholes – A possible military test ship perhaps?

 In October of the same year an object was tracked by radar, but no visual sighting of the object could be made.
 The object came within one mile of the radar tower and it was noted by the operator  that during the tracking of the object, smaller objects appeared to detach from the larger object and drift away

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