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The Truro Murders (Part 3): The Victims: Juliet and Sylvia

The Truro Murders (Part 3): The Victims: Juliet and Sylvia

 With the two victims to their names already, the men to become known as “The Truro Murderers” did not relent in their killing spree. The two men had their chosen “pick-up” points, including Rundle Mall, The Buckingham Arms Hotel and the Adelaide Railway Station.

Juliet Mykyta – Aged 16
The remains of Juliet Mykyta being carried by a Detective

 1977, 16 year Juliet Mykyta, a Marsden High School student who worked in the city in the school holidays in a small sidewalk booth selling jewellery, stopped at a telecom phone booth to phone her parents and tell them she would be late getting home.
 She waited for the bus that was to come outside the Ambassador’s Hotel at 9pm on King William Street. A good looking young man and his friend pulled over and offered her a lift, which she gratefully took.
  The men drove out to Port Wakefield road and parked, with the good looking young guy forcing Juliet into the backseat, where he tied her up as she screamed and kicked at him. The Driver went for a walk, looking back at the car, he saw Juliet and heard her shouting, and watched her fall to the ground as if kicked in the stomach. The Good looking guy was suddenly on top of her, and strangled her with a length of rope.
 An argument, again, broke out between the two men, with the driver again leaving for some time. Upon his return the young girl was no visible, most likely in the boot of the car.
The two men drove in relative silence to Truro. Instead of going towards Swamp Road where they had buried the previous bodies, they detoured out on another road to an old farmhouse, and disposed of Juliet’s body by dumping her on the ground and covering her in branches and leaves. They then returned home.

Sylvia Pitmann – Aged 16

 February 6th 1977, 16 year old Sylvia Pitmann was waiting for a train at the Adelaide Railway Station. A goof looking young man approached her, and convinced her he could give her a lift home, thus saving her having to wait for the train.
 The two men drove the young girl out to a secluded spot near Wingfield. As per usual, the driver took a walk. Upon returning, the driver noticed the young girl on the backseat covered with a rug. She had been strangled to death with a pair of her own pantyhose.
 The two men drove out to Truro, and unloaded Sylivia’s body – fully clothed, and not tied up like the other girls. They laid her on the ground and covered her with sticks and branches, then made their way back to Adelaide.

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