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The Truro Murders (Part 4): The Victims: Vicki and Connie

The Truro Murders (Part 4): The Victims: Vicki and Connie

 The Truro Murderers had now claimed four lives of young girls in the City of Adelaide, South Australia. They were unrelenting in their bloodlust, and began to take more risks in finding new victims.

Vicki Howell – Aged 26

 Only a day after the death of Sylvia, February 7th, 1977 “The Driver” was told to meet his friend at the Adelaide Post Office at 7pm. There with his friend was Vicki Howell, a 26 year old woman who was in a bit of an emotional slump, having recently separated from her husband
 The good looking young man had convinced her to go for a long drive out into the Barossa Valley. They stopped at Nuriootpa for Vicki to use a bathroom. A little further out of Nuriootpa, they stopped so the driver could go into the bushes and relieve himself.
 When he returned, only half an hour later, lie every girl previously, Vicki was dead and his friend was covering her body on the backseat.
 The two men argued extensively about this murder as The Driver felt she was a nice girl and didn’t deserve to die like this. The argument ended, but the driver was sure his friend would kill him, such was their relationship, and such was the good looking young man’s rage.
 They continued only minute’s further on up the road to Truro, and disposed of the body in their usual manner, before returning to Adelaide.

Connie Iordinides – Aged 16

  The killing spree was now picking up more pace. On February 9th, only two days after the death of Vicki Howell, The two men were driving around Adelaide when they noticed a young girl standing on the footpath, laughing and giggling too herself.
 The turned the car around and drove up to her, asking if she needed a list anywhere.
The young girl jumped in the car and sat in the front seat between the two men. Instead of heading where they had promised her, they turned in to opposite direction, and headed toward Wingfield.
 The Driver stopped in his favourite secluded area, got out of the car and went for a walk. He could hear young Connie screaming as she was pulled into the backseat and raped, then strangled.
When he returned, Connie was dead and covered with a blanket in the backseat.
 They drove to Truro, and disposed of her remains in the same manner as the previous girls, then drove back to Adelaide, sleeping in their car at the Victoria Park Racecourse.

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