Tuesday, 15 November 2016


This week I thought I might take a different approach and discuss some of the classifications of Apparitions.
What is an apparition?
 Dictionary.com defines the word as a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a spectre or phantom; wraith:”

Crisis Apparition:  A crisis apparition are visions of a person, who may be under duress or undergoing a crisis. They can involve death, severe injury or severe illness.
These apparitions are extremely common but very hard to verify, as one has to “be there” at the right time to see them. It is believed by some in the paranormal community that the “sender” of the apparition, the person under duress, “sends out” a ghostly image of themselves telepathically to a person, or people, who they have had a close personal relationship with.
Collective Apparition:  This is a ghost or apparition witnessed by multiple people at once.
Death Bed Apparition:  These are the ghosts witnessed by people upon, or before the impending death of a loved one.
 Occasionally these apparitions are living people (*Bilocation), deceased loved ones or religious figures described by the dying person as standing beside or near their deathbed as they pass away.
Reciprocal Apparition:  These are a type of apparition where both of the “ghosts” are actually still alive when they see each other, and both remember the details of their spectral meeting. They are considered very rare.
 There is speculation that they can occur from extreme emotional states such as loneliness or worry, or missing each other so intently, that both parties manifest before each other.

Reincarnation Apparition:  These are apparitions that can appear in dreams to a family member, indicating that the “apparition” or soul, will be born into the family of the dreamer in the near future.

Religious Apparitions:  Apparitions of important religious figures are common place across the world. These apparitions can be omens for change, for disaster or for comfort.

Verdical Apparition:  These are apparitions that can convey verifiable information to the witness. For example, they may deliver a message such as “My body is buried in the place marked X”, and in fact, their body can be found in the spot stated.
 They may also appear in the act of dying their own death, which is verifiable via newspaper stories.
Often these apparitions are residual in nature, but on occasion they have been documented as intelligent and interactive.

Written and Researched by Allen Tiller.

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