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The Brutal murder of Pirjo Kempannein

The Brutal murder of Pirjo Kempannein by a 14 year old boy

“My wishes are killing more and more people, I wish I had a catapult that would hit someone on the head and then they would all be dead!” – Would you believe these words sprang from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy talking to a psychologist?

It wouldn’t be too long until this young buy got his wish to kill, when, at the age of 14, he murdered pensioner Pirjo Kemppainen, bashing her, and stabbing her over 120 times.

This young man, whose identity has been suppressed due to his age, is only identified as “B” in newspaper stories and court documents.
B was born in august 1996, not long after his birth his parents separated. By the age of seven he was watching violent horror movies, and by the age of ten pornography and had a lifelong of video games with extreme violence. (He was quoted during his trial as saying with the extreme enthusiasm of a teenage boy "In Gears of War, you can cut people in half with your gun (which) has a chainsaw on it, you can blow people in half with a shotgun, strap grenades to people, use people as human shields, pretty well make mincemeat out of people.”)

B was obsessed with death and violence, and was quoted as saying "I was obsessed about killing
62 year old former nurse, Ms Pirjo Kempannein
people - from Year 1 to Year 8, I've just had thoughts about killing people. I still think about it."
B and his friend “A”, who was also his co-accused, (referred to as A in court documentation) were inseparable for the most part. They spent a lot of time at B’s dads house on weekends playing video games, and when they weren’t playing games, they would terrorise neighbours in the Callington area, by throwing rocks on peoples rooves, and causing general mischief.

A few days before the murder, B said to his teacher "How good would it be to see someone die?"
"I'm gonna stab someone, I wish I had a gun ... how good would it be to see someone being shot?"
The school arranged a psychological appointment, but it never happened, as resources in the area were sparse. Only a day later, B was seen to be staring at child across the playground at school. B was heard to say “I hate that kid and I’m going to kill him!” before sprinting across the playground and punching the kid in the head.
B was suspended from the school, and upon his punishment, he stated to the teachers
"If you do this, people will die,"

A day later he brutally attacked and killed MS Kemppainen.

A Forensic Psychologist, Dr Luke Broomhill, began working with B during his stay in prison leading up to his trial.  He assessed the teenager as having mild retardation and year 2 intellectual function. He stated that B was unable to compute alternative solutions to problems, and that if he had something he wanted to achieve, he could not discern the consequences of his actions.
B’s aggressive nature began to manifest distinctly after his Father moved to Kanmantoo in the Adelaide Hills when his mother moved interstate. 

An incident occurred at the new house where some local boys knocked over the bin outside of B ‘s house, B’s reaction was to grab a meat cleaver and wave it at the youths.
This caused friction with his Father’s partner, who chastised the boy, his reply "I should have capped their motherfucking asses."

His Father’s relationship broke down, and eventually the family moved to Callington, where B became the subject of bullying.
Ms Pirjo Kempannein's house in Callington where her brutal murder occured.


With no guilt in his voice, and not an iota of remorse, B recounted the events of Ms Kemppainen’s death, as he remembered it, to the court.

"I walked up to the victim's house alone, walked up to the sliding door and the victim came out through the wooden door, she asked why I had thrown the rock (through her sliding door window). I said I was drunk and I put the knife in her stomach." B then paused to mime the action.

"I tried to stab her twice in the stomach and then I repeatedly stabbed her in the head, she tried to hold her arms up to keep me from stabbing her, she was screaming. She was about to shut the door on me, so I threw the rock at her door," B recalled calmly.

"It was a big chunk of rock, about 30cm across. I ran through the door and continued to stab her until she was on the floor making no sound. The last thing I did was throw the slab of concrete at her head," 

“I felt like God” he said.

According to forensic reports, B had inflicted 58 stab wounds in total on Ms Kemppainen, and struck her 69 times with the concrete rocks. Strikes had been so ferocious, they had left gouge marks in the victim’s skull.
B was arrested 3 days after the brutal crime. More evidence of the youths troubled mind came to the surface during the court case with evidence of put forward of talks to guards and his psychological assessors, where B had stated

"If I had my phone I could've gotten away with it, I could've gone in (to the house) and said `oh, there's a dead body'. I would have gotten $100 or $500 for finding a dead body."


A, B’s co-accused was eventually acquitted by a jury, as the evidence against him, most of which was supplied by B, was unreliable, or did not make sense
B was sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 15 years, which means he can be released from gaol in September 2025, at the age of 29.
 A teenage murderer will have the rest of his life ahead of him, but for the 62 year old pensioner death, and her family having to live with the brutality of the murder, and the eventual release of their relatives murderer, a life sentence is imposed – maybe, just maybe, Australia’s justice systems is a little too lenient when it comes to murder.
B was transferred from youth detention in 2015 to Yatala Gaol to serve the rest of his term. He was charged with an assault in youth detention and is said to have exhausted his options in regards to rehabilitation. 

 researched and written by Allen Tiller © 2017


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