Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Murder of Vonne McGlynn

Greed appears to be the primary motive for a brutal and callous attack on 82-year-old pensioner Vonne McGlynn at her Christie Downs home in 2008.

 On the 3rd of September 2008 Gavare, a mother of two, celebrated her birthday at Café Buongiorno at O’Halloran Hill. After leaving the café, she returned home, and at some time that during that night, climbed on to her neighbour’s roof, removed some tiles, and dropped into the house through a manhole.

 The exact details of what happened next are not known, but it is though Gavare stalked Vonne in the house, before hitting her over the head with a heavy statue, killing her.
 She then returned home with Vonne’s body, and took it into her shed.

She systematically dismembered the body, placing the cut off
Angelika Gavare during a Police Interview (source ABC NEWS)
pieces in garbage bags. Gavare then loaded the bags into a stroller, and calmly walked a few metres to Christies Creeks, where she disposed of the remains amongst the reeds.

To this day, Ms McGlynn’s head and hands have not been found.

 The murder was a bizarre plot to sell Ms McGlynn’s possessions and house by Gavare, profiting from the sales. Her plan was to pretend that McGlynn had signed over the deeds to the house and power of attorney, then mysteriously disappeared, reasoning that Her age, just what can happen at that age - like old people, they just wander off"
Gavare was confident she would get away with her horrendous crime. She had made sure there was evidence left at the house that could link the disappearance back to her.

Gavare began to steal McGlynn’s possession, acting as if she was McGlynn. She researched selling a house without an agent, and even tried taking money out of McGlynn’s ANZ bank account.
Gavare become unstuck however when the McGlynn didn’t respond to her usual Red Cross check up call. The Police were sent to check on the pensioner, and upon arriving, discovered the front door unlocked and open.
The police continued to check in on the house over the next week, finding no-one home each time.

Angelika Gavare - source Murder Uncovered - Seven Network
Vonne McGlynn was reported missing, Gavare told police that her neighbour had gone traveling, and in the meantime, she was to look after her affairs. Gavare claimed that McGlynn had promised her access to $2000 in her bank account, and her bank cards and keys.

Gavare continued to go about acting as Ms McGlynn, calling the local council for a hard rubbish pickup. On December 9, Gavare become suspect number one after she tried to withdraw $2000 from McGlynn’s ANZ account. This and the fake power of attorney she had provided, led the police to become suspicious about Gavare, plus the fact McGlynn’s pantry was well stocked, something a person about travel probably wouldn’t do. 

Police had searched at various places in the area, but finally it was decided to search the nearby river. Within a matter of days, the plastic bags containing McGlynn’s body parts were found, all except the hands and head.

The police now had a murder, not a missing persons case on their hands. The investigation suddenly began to come together, and Angelika Gavare was arrested for the murder of Vonne McGlynn.
Gavare showed no emotion at her trial other than when she would laugh at her own jokes from police evidence video tapes of her from previous interviews in the case. Her story changed suddenly
Murdered pensioner, Vonne McGlynn
to one of an ex-boyfriend accidentally hitting McGlynn with his car. She claimed her ex then tried to cover it up by staging a fake robbery and planting the ANZ bankcard in Gavares car.

Angelika Gavare was eventually found guilty of murder and jailed for life with a 32-year non-parole period, of which she unsuccessfully appealed in 2012, still maintaining her innocence.
In 2015, Angelika Gavare was charged with assaulting another inmate in the Northfield Prison where she is still serving her 32-year sentence.

Researched and written by Allen Tiller ( © 2017)


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