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A Ghost in the Adelaide Central Markets

A Ghost in the Adelaide Central Markets

The Adelaide Central Markets began when a group of gardeners and farmers met at the site in 1869 to sell produce. A year later the market became official and housed between 50 to 100 stalls, selling everything from fish to hay.

 It wasn’t until the 8th of February 1900 that the first permanent building was erected onsite.
In 1925, after two decades of successful trading and growth, the City Markets suffered its first setback when a fire tore through the north eastern section of the markets, destroying the livelihoods of many traders.

40 years later the then “City Markets” were officially given the title of “The Central Markets”, this period also saw the first refurbishment of the markets, adding a new rooftop carpark.
In 197 a second setback occurred, when another fire burnt through much of the southern section of the market. This setback was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed refurbishments, restricting and rebuilding, which took until 1983 to be completed.

 Today the Central Markets are still just as popular as when they first started, featuring over 80 stalls.
In 2014, The Adelaide Central Market management released a security footage tape of what they allege to be a ghostly presence in the market. A security guard doing his usual patrol reported something unseen brushing against him, so the CCTV cameras were checked, and a ghost like image was spotted walking through the Markets.

The incident happened at the intersection where Market Plaza meets the Adelaide Central Market.
 Johnny Carbone, the security guard who experienced the sensation of someone going past him, and later filmed the incident via the CCTV monitor onto his phone, stated the following in an Advertiser article printed in 2014:

 “I came in early on a Wednesday morning about 3am,” he said. “As I was doing my normal patrols of unlocking the market, I felt like something went past and touched me, so I looked behind me and there was no one there."
“I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just going to check the camera’, and as I checked the camera I saw that light."
“I couldn’t believe what I was watching ... I was just rewinding the footage and thinking, ‘Is that really what I saw?’
“I actually ran back downstairs to see with my own eyes if anything was there, but obviously there wasn’t."
“I’m not a believer, but then it makes you think twice ... sometimes I think maybe there is something out there, but you just don’t know.”

Recently, this article resurfaced, and I decided to take a closer look at the video, making the following notes.

Take a look at the following photo where I have added two rings to highlight my points.

The red circle; note the light source that is constant in this portion, and would directly correlate to the light that shines not only on the grill, but on the sign on the right, next to the white sign.

The purple circle; if you watch on full screen and look very closely, it appears the bottom of the grill/pull down door bends or arcs as the light moves across it, this would suggest, in my opinion, some video manipulation.

I have not personally spoken to Mr Carbone about his experience, very interested to hear him recount this event and any other factors missing from the original Advertiser news story.

What are your thoughts on the video? Real or fake?
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Researched and written by Allen Tiller.


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