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The Confession of Herbert Stapleton Neal: The Murder of Hilda Jones.

The Confession of Herbert Stapleton Neal: The Murder of Hilda Jones.

“About 1.15 P-m. I left work, taking the rifle with me. Before I left Bickford’s I placed five cartridges in the magazine.
I went outside and stood on the front doorstep for a while. I looked up at West’s window, and Bob beckoned me to come over.
 I went over, and was standing near the stairs. Bob came up to me, and I said “Hello! How are you?” She replied, “I am all right”.
I said, “that’s good.”
The I put my arm around her and kissed her.
We stood talking for some time. I cannot remember what the topic of conversations was. After I had been there for a while, the other girls went to dinner, and left Bob and me in the passage together.
 I like Bob very much, and she returned the affections.
 I don’t quite remember what happened.
 I think I must have been frightened at the thought of our being parted, because we were so attached to one another, and I must have been so alarmed at the thought that I might lose her that I must have at the moment lost my head and thought that it would be better if it were impossible to part us.
I have a recollection of firing the gun. I don’t know how many shots I fired, but I believe I fired only one.
 After that I don’t remember anything much, except that there was a lot of blood standing about. And I think someone asked me my name, but I could not speak.
When I fired the gun, I saw her fall, and blood came from her.”

The statement concluded:

“I am not sorry for what occurred. But I don’t know what possessed me to do such a thing, because we were very friendly. And had been for ab out 28 months. I was very much in love with Bob, and I didn’t want else to have her.”
 (Bob was Hilda’s nickname).

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