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Skeletons on Rundle Street - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Skeletons on Rundle Street

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Reverend H. Howard first met each other on-board a P&O boat, en-route to Fremantle, Western Australia. 
The subject of ghosts came up, as it does with spiritualists and paranormal investigators rather often, and a curious story surfaced about a skeleton photograph taken in Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Mrs McElwin, a lady of Adelaide, was asked if she could find a copy and have it sent forward to Mr Conan Doyle for him to peruse and speculate over.

There were in fact two Human Skeletons in Adelaide, both for sale, in the time that Mrs McElwin began searching for the photos. Whether she found what she needed, is unknown at this point, but one Skeleton could be found in the store of Kuhmels Piano Emporium at 134 Rundle Street in Adelaide
Although Kuhmel's was primarily a music business, he did on occasion sell items for other people, in this case an articulated human skeleton (a real human skeleton) was for sale via a relative, who had two such skeletons in his possession. The other human skeleton was for sale in a suburb outside of the Adelaide City centre.

It is not known what happened to either skeleton, but during our research we discovered these were not the only two human skeletons for sale in Adelaide!
Adelaide city of bones?

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