Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Yanyarrie Ghost Story

Just some 17 miles from Cradock, the town we visited last week lies Yanyarrie. A tiny location that is known mainly for a cattle station and a creek that floods from time to time.
In a small house near Yanyarrie, of a farmer named “Hamdorff”, a number of strange phenomena began to occur, the most prevalent being knocking sounds, heard by many witnesses.
The local Mounted constable, accompanied by a Mr Hayward and a Mr A J Graham, decided to take it upon themselves to investigate the strange occurrences. Arriving at the pine-and-pug residence at 8:30 pm, in darkness, it didn't take long for the investigators to survey the location and make note of a waterhole some thirty yards from the residence.
The owner of the house had left for Quorn, taking with him his wife and his seven year old daughter, who seemed to be the centre of the phenomena, as the knocks were most prevalent in her vicinity.
Yanyarrie Creek
Two young boys were left in charge, aged nine and fourteen. The group of men and boys ate dinner as the boys told how the ghost usually likes to appear at about nine pm. The candles were extinguished, and the group waited anxiously for the ghosts appearance.
Within minutes the sound of a splash was heard outside, then distinct footsteps,. Followed by a knocking sound against the chimney. At once two of the men went outside to investigate the strange noises whilst the other man stayed with the boys.
From inside the house, the knocking sounded like it was outside, and from outside, the men said it sounded like it was coming from inside. The men stood asking questions, and received replies by knocking, one of the men asked the knocker to “knock louder” of which the following knock is said to have “shook the entire house”.
The noise ceased at 10 pm sharp. The men and the boys made camp in the living room and feigned sleep, hoping for more activity,. Which was to come at precisely 2am and lasted until 3am, leaving no trace.
The men went around the house searching for clues, to find nothing, no footprints and no sign of human interference, the men recounted the story the next day, attesting that they would lead better lives from now on .
Once the story broke in the media, legends become exposed in the local community to a wider audience, a tale of a Shepard drowning in the water hole, and people seeing strange lights surfaced in the area.
One fact though often brought the haunting case into disrepute, and was the vocal repertoire of sceptics, the house was currently rented by the Schultz family, the same family who had a daughter that would later be found to be hoaxing knocking noises in Craddock...
Is it possible that the father was in on his daughters deception, and on this occasion sneakily made his way back to the house and hid in the chimney, making the knocking sounds? That is something we will never know for sure, but is a plausible explanation in this case.

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