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Spring-Heeled Stephen - The Ghosts of Gawler:Part one

Spring Heeled Stephen

The Ghosts of Gawler
Part 1

In 1941 Gawler, Angaston and the Gawler River area were under the intimidation of a particularly violent ghost, who was making itself known to young women and children.

Making his first appearance at Gawler River in a lonely farmhouse, the ghost “played spooks” around the outhouses of the farm until he awoke a young farm hand who chased him down and threatened to hit him.

 The ghost duly melted away into the night, but he returned later and was found in the house after a number of children woke screaming.
 He jumped through a window to make his escape!

Spring-heeled Stephen's next haunting was at parkland's in Willaston, just north of Gawler, where he chose to attack more young ladies who were out enjoying the evening. Reports of his ghostly attacks grew, and soon the young ladies of Gawler and Willaston were too afraid to go out at night.

The ghost soon appeared at another well known haunted location, the Old Spot Hotel in Gawler's main street (now the Golden Fleece hotel). 
A young lad, who was sleeping in his cot outside on the blaconey, was seized by the ghost and violently dragged out of bed. The boy, yelling and fighting woke his father, who looked for the attacker, but found nothing.
Don Liddy, then owner of the Old Spot, released his Alsatian dog.
  The dog tried to track the ghost, but to no avail, he seemed to have disappeared into the night. Later the same evening, the ghost returned once again and was seen peering in the bedroom windows of the Hotel.

Spring-heeled Stephen made many appearances around Gawler in 1941, but faded in oblivion not much later...

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