Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Happy Halloween

This week I want to do something different and focus on Halloween, I know there will be plenty of readers that will go "Oh, American rubbish", but Halloween isn't American, it's origins and celebrations pre-date the discovery of the America's and actually comes from Europe, where in some places like, Scotland, it is still celebrated in its traditional form!

You may not believe it , but Halloween has been celebrated in little old Adelaide almost since the inception of the city. The Caledonian club held an annual Halloween celebration yearly, and many references to it can be found in old newspapers.

 In the picture above U.S. service men celebrate Halloween in Australia by bobbing for apples

This skeleton tap dancing photo is from the State Library

I could go on and on about Halloween, and how much I love it, it's origins and its celebration, but i think this weeks blog will be short and sweet as I am working on  editing some videos for a project that will become public very soon!

so until next week - enjoy Halloween, and happy ghost hunting!