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Penang Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant

Penang Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant

Situated on a lane way that runs between Hindley and Currie streets at 22 Gilbert Place (behind the Paringa Hotel, and near the 24hour Pancake Kitchen) , can be found the Penang Malaysian & Chinese Restaurant in the “Quelltaler House” building.
The building was designed by architect Albert Langhans as the premises for “Buring and Sobel Vignerons” who used the the cellars to store their award winning wines.

The location was converted into the Arkaba Steak Cellar, a trendy restaurant in its time that attracted the top echelon of Adelaide's business and social scene. People such as Premier Don Dunstan, Len Amadio and local media identity, Peter Goers, as well as members of the Adelaide City Council would often be seen eating in the restaurant. It was somewhat of a local iconic place to meet, eat, and greet the local celebrity scene.
For the past 20 years or so the location has housed the Penang Malaysian and Chinese Restaurant, a lovely venue that is very popular with local office staff from the surrounding business precinct, and Hindley street traders, looking for a cheap and quick meal,
almost all would not realise the building is allegedly haunted!
There have long been sightings of the ghost of a former chef of the Arkaba Steak House, walking through the dining rooms of the current restaurant, He is often seen, still dressed in his work clothes, checking the dishes being made, and sometimes walking into the seated areas of the restaurant, greeting customers and taking praise for the wonderful food. Unverified reports tell a story of one of the Arkaba Chefs dying in tragic circumstances in a kitchen fire, is it this Chef that remains in the building, startling customers with his vanishing act, or is the spirit someone else, a former customer, another chef who loved his kitchen so much he returned to work for eternity?

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