Tuesday, 22 October 2013

One Year of The Haunts of Adelaide

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of this blog “The Haunts of Adelaide”, and our long standing look into Adelaide (and South Australia's) History, Mystery and the Paranormal.
What a year it has been, for the blog, and for me personally.
The inspiration for this blog came from a few sources, one including my friend Liam at The Haunts of Brisbane. I had long thought about writing a blog on the History of Adelaide, with a slant towards mysteries, paranormal events and the darker side of Adelaide, with a little push from Liam, the blog was born. (thank you Liam!! :) )
Early on an employee of the State Library of South Australia took an interest in the research and stories I was exploring, and put the blog forward for the National Library of Australia's “Pandora “ Archive.
“PANDORA is a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of and long term access to Australian online electronic publications of national significance.” - from the Pandora website www.pandora.nla.gov.au” 
This inclusion was a huge, an unexpected, honour for me, and was the second inclusion of my teams work, with the Eidolon Paranormal website at www.eidolonparanormal.net being included in the Pandora Archive back in 2011.

Also this year, I went away to film a television show, “Haunting: Australia”, where I got to investigate alongside two friends Gaurav Tiwari from Indian Paranormal Society and Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunters International, as well as some new friends, Ian Lawman from Most Haunted, Rayleen Kable from Psychic TV, and the one and only Ray Jorden, from The Paranormal 5.
The cast of Haunting:Australia
We had some great adventures, and caught some great evidence...you'll have to watch the show when it comes out to see where we went and what we gathered...It was an amazing, eye opening experience to be involved in something like this.
TV was never a goal of mine (I was always more interested in making documentaries), but who would say no to Robb??
I can tell you I learnt a great deal from working with the cast, and also a great deal from the crew (looking at you Mick Eady ;) )! So all round it was a vast learning experience that will add new ideas to how I approach my own videos in the future, and how I approach our own paranormal investigations

Back to writing, Whilst the Eidolon blog takes a little break while I freshen it up a little, The Haunts of Adelaide will keep pressing forward, there is so much history in Adelaide, a lot of it untouched, forgotten or distorted from the facts, the blog could go on for years!

Also this year I got married. Yes it should probably be further up the page, but this post is supposed to be about the blog, not me...but
then, I write the blog, so I guess the blog, in some ways is about me? Right?Anyhoo, I would like to thank my lovely Wife, Karen (who I met in a cemetery – and no she isnt dead!) for putting up with me as I research, explore and write, sometimes well into the wee hours, when I could be spending more time with her – Without Karens unending support and tolerence, this blog probably wouldnt have survived its first month!!

I would also like to thank each and every one of you who takes a little bite out of your day once a week to read my humble little blog, I hope it brings back memories for some, teaches others, inspires yet others, to investigate and research themselves, but most of all I hope you, the reader, enjoy the journey of discovering Adelaide, and South Australia's past with me.

Thank you for reading The Haunts of Adelaide

- Allen Tiller